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2 Chapters. 70 pages. Wait, that's hardly a book!? You're right. We're letting people read this before it's finished. Call it a "free preview" or "promotional copy", whatever you want. It's free and well worth checking out.

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Drop by here after your purchase to load up on source files (images, Xcode projects, etc). The native iBook format embeds movies directly in the book, but if you choose to purchase the PDF version, you can find all the example videos posted here. Plus a few more!

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Guess what? It's free

We've got you covered no matter what your device or reading preference. The Rolls Royce of formats would be to read on your iPad or iPad mini in the iBook format. Almost as nice, you can read as a PDF on your computer, Kindle, iPhone, Android or a bazillion other devices.

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Why this Flash animation book?

Professional instructor and owner of, Justin Dike teaches a decade's worth of tips and tricks for Adobe Flash animation using high resolution images, interactive galleries, video examples, and (duh) full color pages throughout! In recent years, Cartoon Smart has ventured into iOS programming and App development, but Justin founded the site to teach people to be "smart" with "cartoons". Hence, the name. So he's taking a break from the heady logic of game-making to return to CartoonSmart's roots with a new animation course in a brand new format.

This book was written using iBooks Author, so it is specially formatted for your iBooks App on the iPad or iPad mini. Don't have an iPad? That's okay, the PDF version has almost as many of the great features below...

  • High definition images
  • Bookmarks
  • Highlight and add notes
  • Searchable text
  • Embedded videos
  • Interactive images
  • Tab-to-reveal the glossary definition on keywords
  • Multi-Touch features (pinch to show page thumbnails, Table of Contents, etc)
  • Hyperlinks to outside sources
  • Free updates, via push notification within iBooks App
This version of the book can be viewed on any device that supports PDF. That could be your desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or whatever (Kindle, Android, iOS device, etc). None of the beauty is lost in the PDF version...

  • High definition images
  • Bookmarks (might vary depending on your e-reader)
  • Highlight and add notes (might vary depending on your e-reader)
  • Links to streaming videos
  • Searchable text
  • Hyperlinks to outside sources
  • Glossary
  • Page thumbnails (typical of most e-readers)
  • Free updates, via email notification

Updates itself magically.

Like those nifty iOS Apps on your phone, iBooks notify you when an update is available. Buyers of our equally great PDF version will get notified by email when an update is available (unless the book is free). Just think about all the past reference books you've got collecting dust. Year by year getting further and further out of date. iBooks pretty much got that problem licked.

Lovingly Illustrated by the Author

High definition illustrations mark the beginning of every section header and other places throughout the entire book.

Table of Contents

Free! - Ch.1 Introductions

  • 1.1 – Why Are You Learning From Me?
  • 1.2 - What is Great Fake Animation?
  • 1.3 - What Program Are We Using?
  • 1.4 - Resources

Free! - Ch.2 Motion Posters

  • 2.1 – Assets Investigation
  • 2.2 - Introduction to Flash
  • 2.3 - Key-Framing Freeway Lights
  • 2.4 - Masks and Tweens
  • 2.5 - Smoky Shape Tweens
  • 2.6 - City Noise
  • 2.7 - Adding and Altering Sounds
  • 2.8 - Title Animation (and a blink)
  • 2.9 - Fade Out...In Style
  • 2.10 - Long-Play Video Bonus

The first two chapters are free. Wait, that's the whole book.

Yup, only $0.00 for a limited time. Get all 70 pages and the videos for free. Just like iOS apps, book updates are free (including entirely new chapters) if you download the iBookstore version. If you don't have an iPad or iPad mini, check out our PDF version below.

High-Resolution PDF with all the same great movies.

Only $0.00 for a limited time. If you do not have an iPad or iPad mini, we're offering the book as a high resolution PDF file reabable on your computer, iPhone, Kindle, or any other devices that supports PDF (pretty much everything).

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